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The Team Behind Two Pines
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Co-Owners + "Original Pines"

Wes & Alex Hoecker (& Hope) 

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With a family full of self-starters and entrepreneurs, it was of course in the cards that an entrepreneurial future for Alex lay ahead, right? With a background in marketing and guest services, and a passion to  learn and study pretty much everything she can, Alex knows what guests and owners alike are looking for when it comes to partnering with a property management company. When she's not training others on the team about the art of "non-negotiable ambiance" that each rental must have for guests' arrivals, she's down at the river playing fetch with her lab and spending time with her baby girl, Hope. 

When you partner with Two Pines, your whole mentality about guest services will change for the better because of Wes. Wes has an extensive background of property management and guest services from all over the country and has worked for world class resorts in Telluride, CO and Jackson Hole, WY. Going above and beyond for owners and guests is truly what makes this guy happy. (You should ask him about the time several elderly ladies couldn't get the DVD player to work in a rental and after Wes showed up and provided directions, they begged him to stay and watch the movie with them!) Wes wants to be your first best friend in Big Sky if you're new to the area...lucky you! 

Margi Rusten

Two Pines is all about family- Margi is Wes' cousin and our remote bookkeeper. Clients and staff just love working with Margi due to her wonderful sense of humor and incredible attention to detail. Margi resides in Kansas City with her husband Matt and their two children. With a love for numbers and small businesses, we hit the jackpot with Margi on our team!

Guest Services & Operations
Krista Drummond

Krista is our team player. Always willing to help with whatever and whenever. With a Communications degree from Kennesaw State University and experience working with hundreds of guests, she knows how to be on the "front-lines" when it comes to directing traffic at Two Pines HQ. Krista loves getting creative by creating helpful (and stylish) documents to help out the whole team. When she's not coordinating this, that, and the other in the office, she enjoys painting, playing the piano, and outdoor adventures!

Guest Services & Operations
Peter Bosworth 

Peter originates form Baltimore, Maryland but fell in love with West after attending college in Washington. Peter loves alpine and cross country skiing but his biggest passion is trail running. He says, "the endless trails in the greater Big Sky and Gallatin area will keep me busy for years to come". We love Peter's go-getter spirit and know he'll be of great value to our clients and guests.

More about Two Pines

Two Pines Properties is devoted to serving our clients, guests, and community and we truly believe our passion for all three makes us stand out. Alex has served on the Big Sky Young Life Committee, a youth outreach program focused on high school students and Wes has served with the Gallatin River Task Force, working hard to make sure that what makes Big Sky special, remains protected. Wes and Alex are also both passionate about making sure the newest additions to Big Sky are well cared for at Big Sky's local non-profit childcare facility, the Morningstar Learning Center. 

We feel passionate about giving each guest the opportunity to make a lasting and positive impact on the Big Sky community. Therefore, an opportunity to donate to these organizations is offered to each guest that books with Two Pines Vacation Rentals.

Whether you're staying in a smaller cabin or a large estate, our mission is to provide exceptional service through a professional and relational partnership. Our goal is to deliver more than just transactional services, but to cultivate an exceptional experience during your time in Big Sky. 

Wes has served in the hospitality industry since he was 18. When working on a beloved guest ranch in Colorado, he was taught a saying that we use to keep us motivated to continually deliver the BEST products and services to others,

"Guests into friends, friends into family." 

- W & A